Welcome to NYCoffee

NYCoffee is a concept developed to replace your standard Office Park and Corporate Building food solution. 

Having worked in the corporate food solution business for one of the biggest names in South Africa, NYCoffee was developed to change the way corporate canteens work. NYCoffee is NOT a canteen but a Corporate Eatery designed to service the needs of corporates and their clients. Freshness and Quality are a priority when looking into how NYCoffee was developed.

We have taken the experience learnt from other major food solution groups and brought back the most important factor, Quality Food, Hospitality and an Atmosphere to tie everything together.

All our food is prepped and made in house, we have taken all the elements of your standard canteen and replaced it with skilled staff who are trained extensively. 

NYCoffee was developed by a Chef who understands food quality, the importance of constant food development and following the forever evolving food trends that are always developing.

We understand that each Corporate Environment comes with its own needs, that’s why we developed our menus and offerings to the needs of each environment.

How It Works

We bring Three Models to Cater from. 


From Small Office Parks to Small Office Buildings to your Larger Corporate Environments, we have the solution.

We offer Solutions to Residential Tenant Buildings as more and more buildings are offering additional services to their Tenants.


Best Coffee Sandton

because, Delicious!!!

NYCoffee's Offering

We have taken the time the develop all our menus at NYCoffee.

All our menus offer a variety of Breakfast Options, to Lunch Time Items. We ensure that we always have everyone in mind when we develop our menus.

We also offer a variety of baked goods to go perfectly with your morning coffee run.

We release a newly developed menu every Spring. We monitor our menu offering constantly so that we can bring fresh new items to our customers.

Lets Talk Coffee

The coffee culture in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate and NYCoffee is devoted to growing with it.


Coffee is one of our passions and we have searched far and wide to bring our customers the best coffee we can find.


The expansion of the coffee culture in South Africa sees itself to new and exciting ways of serving coffee.

No more burnt coffee bitter coffee, we do things right. All our Baristas are taught in house on Extraction methods, Timing, Temperature, Milk Texturizing, Latte art and Specialty Pours to ensure consistency.

We want to spread our experience as far as possible, we are looking to move our brand to the general public. NYCoffee is NOW available for Franchising.